Therapeutic Massage

for Your Office Staff & Patients



My name is Ruba Moghraby and I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist with Power of Touch. My partner, Nick Nelson, and I would like to extend our services to your office - staff and patients - as we have successfully done for other dental offices.


For Your Office Staff

  • Chair-Massage to relieve tension from sacrum to skull.

  • May include work on shoulders, arms and hands as needed.

  • $25 per staff member.

  • Flexible timing: if a staff member is detained with a patient, we’ll wait - no extra charge.


For Your Patients

  • Therapeutic work to relieve tension in the jaw and related areas.

  • Intraoral work to relieve tension, discomfort or pain - to include trigger-point work.

  • Relief from tension-caused headaches.

  • $100 intraoral work (and therapeutic work around the jaw)

  • $200 for intraoral work and work that extends to the shoulders, neck and scalp.


I’m sure you and your team have experienced the downside of repetitive actions and postures associated with dental and office work over the years. This repetitive work needs to be offset in order to restore balance and promote relief from tension buildup. Sometimes, our clients are astounded at how one session can take away back pain or shoulder pain that they’ve lived with for years. Here is a list of some of the areas we’ve been able to bring relief to (as stated by clients):


  • Carpal Tunnel syndrome (reversed after 3 sessions).

  • Tension headaches

  • Low back pain

  • Numbness/tingling in the arms/hands

  • Trigger points released on and around the shoulder blades.


The feedback we’ve been getting over the years about the relief found in just a few minutes of skilled therapeutic massage has been extremely encouraging. One client had gone as far as getting injections in her back in hopes of finding lasting relief but found the results disappointing. When I spoke to her six weeks after a 15-minute chair-massage, she said her back was still pain free!



Benefits of therapeutic massage for your patients


As therapists we’ve found three key areas where patients have benefited from therapeutic massage:


  • Prework: Before their dental appointment, a patient may benefit from release in tension in the jaw area, with specific attention to the masseter. It’s understandable that being able to open their mouth as wide as they can and still be comfortable is helpful to their dental appointment. Usually, the patient can see a difference in their ability to open wider after just a few minutes of therapeutic work.


  • Postwork: After their dental appointment, a patient may benefit from massage therapy to relax the jaw and surrounding areas that have been under considerable strain (sometimes not just physically, but emotionally as well).


  • Preventative work: Your patients may have discomfort in the jaw and surrounding areas that range from TMJ syndrome to chronic tension headaches that can be drastically reduced and even completely eliminated through massage therapy. Intraoral work and work around the head and neck may be required.


Setting up a time for us to come and bring relief to your team and your patients is easy. Just let us know (text or call) what days and times work best for you. And we’ll do our best to accommodate.


In Peace,

Nick & Ruba




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